Who do we serve?

Anyone who lives within the geographic boundaries set by the individual Manna Markets. We do not discriminate. There are no financial considerations to participate. The food is available to everyone who needs it.

Where does the food come from?

The majority of the food comes from our collaboration with Second Harvest. Early in the morning our drivers visit the assigned stores to pick up food that was pulled from the shelves that day. The churches may also send drivers to the Second Harvest warehouse to pick up additional food. Some churches have a Second Harvest truck deliver food. That load can be anywhere from 8 to 16 thousand pounds of recovered food.

What is involved in running a Manna Market?

Many volunteer hours go on behind the scenes: picking up food, unloading trucks, sorting and distributing food, checking in visitors, preparing food for hospitality, and cleaning up. But volunteers come back week after week to serve. It has revitalized congregations as people get to know each other while working together for a common purpose.

How can I get more information on starting a Manna Market?

You can contact us by email at: fgregory@youthwayministries.org or call 763-205-1035.